Understanding Web Site Hosting

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It’s the service that enables companies and organizations to publish their sites and pages to the net. It is the web host or the web hosting service provider that is responsible for providing the technology and services needed for the webpage and website to be viewed on the net. Click here for more info. Sites are also hosted or stored on very special computers that are known as servers.
When net users want to view your site, they only have to type your site address or the domain name. Their computer will then be connected to your server. Your pages will be delivered to the users through the browser.
A lot of hosting companies require for you to own a domain for you to be hosted by them. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can purchase through the help of the hosting companies. There are different types of hosting that you can acquire for your site.
The first type is shared hosting which is the best entry-level site hosting. This is where your website will be stored on the same server in which multiple other sites are stored. This could mean having hundreds if not thousands of sites attached to it. All the domains will share the same server resources such as RAM or random access memory which is a type of computer memory and the CPU or central processing unit which is the brains of the computer. The cost for this kind of hosting is relatively low.
Another type is the dedicated server hosting. This gives the owners of the websites more control over their servers. The server is rented by you and you are the only one using it. With this server, you have full root and admin access. See page for more info. This means that you have control on everything from security to the operating system. These controls however have a price.
Then there’s the virtual private server or VPS hosting. This type of server mimics a dedicated server but this is within the shared hosting environment. This is intended for site owners who want to have more control on their servers but don’t want to pay for the costs of a dedicated server. These servers are still not able to handle high traffic spikes or levels in terms of site use and performance can still be affected by all other sites that can be found on the server. By dividing a server into virtual servers. Each site is hosted on its very own dedicated server. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_hosting_service.

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